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What a fabulous place! Kingsley and Beaux (our two retrievers) stayed at Donte’s Den for a week. They received the BEST care on the most beautiful campus. Plenty of room to run with a bone shaped swimming pool and wonderful dog lovin’ care givers, state of the art vet equipment and trainers and groomers available upon request. They were watched 24-7 with top security/ cameras in each room. We received reassuring updates and the staff even celebrated King’s first birthday! We highly recommend Donte’s Den for your peace of mind. Your fur family will thank you!

– Janet Walter –


Donte’s Den and its Founder, Marsha Panuce, is the one place and the one person I trust with the most precious part of my life: my dogs. I learned about their lifetime care program from watching Marsha and the Den’s public service announcements on her Saturday morning show, Animal Outtakes. My dogs and I are now part of her lifetime care program. If something happens to me and I am temporarily or permanently unable to care for my fur-family, Marsha will take them in and give them a home for the rest of their life or until I am able to bring them home again. She and her staff will take in my dogs- and stay with them! – the next time we are threatened with a hurricane and I need a safe haven for them. I did not make this decision lightly. I did extensive research to make sure the private, non-profit foundation was financially sound. I had my friend and legal counsel speak with a board member and even come to The Den to meet Marsha and tour the facility. He came back with the most positive report – and he isn’t even a “dog person”. I spoke with people who know Marsha both professionally and personally; I heard and felt the respect and love people had for her work, her professionalism and her dedication to the most vulnerable of the dogs in her care. I met with her and her staff and brought my dogs to meet her and tour the facility. My littlest dog climbed in her lap and stayed there until we had to leave. I now have peace of mind knowing my dogs will never end up on the street or in unsafe, unloved conditions.

– Kathleen Kessler –

This facility is an amazing place to see in person.
I have personally adopted two dogs from Donte’s Den and I couldn’t be happier with them. The staff were very friendly and the owner has a love for those dogs ,as well as her own, that I have never seen in anyone else. Donte’s Den is just an amazing foundation and more people should consider going here to adopt. It has been said that the adoption fees are ridiculously expensive but they fail to see the care that goes into these dogs, from the rehabilitation to vaccines and surgeries. They care for the dogs like no other. I think it’s so worth every penny that is spent to adopt or donated to their cause. Not to mention the military dog program for those service members who are over seas and cannot care for the dogs. This facility has 24/7 care to accompany the dogs every needs and to see the joy when dog and owner are reunited is an amazing sight

– Jaymi Perez –

Donte’s den is a dog’s dream come true! The staff and facilities are wonderful. Every time I have visited the facility is clean and the staff is giving one on one attention to the dogs. I have adopted two dogs from Donte’s who are the sweetest, most caring dogs I have had. They always enjoying going back to run and swim in that bone shaped pool. If you need a place to board your dog for any amount of time I highly recommend taking them here. They will enjoy their stay every time.

– Stacey Perez –

The most amazing, state of the art dog sanctuary in the world, located on 52 beautiful acres. Donte’s Den is the gold standard. State of the art hospital, immaculate dens and runs for the dogs, exemplary care, love and oversight of all residents. Programs are unique and designed with health and happiness of the dogs as the focus. These include “Semper Paws,” Lifetime Care, long and short term boarding and an adoption program that focuses on the health and welfare of these dogs with a getting program where they can find their perfect forever home.

– Beth Bailey – 

Donte’s Den is the only place that would take a dog that needed a home after the owner died. He was in a shelter about to be euthanized. Went to Donte’s Den – what a BEAUTIFUL place. Clean and people who are passionate about the dogs that they care for. Please support Donte’s Den. For some dogs, it is their only hope.

– Reda St. John – 

I normally do not write reviews but feel very compelled to write about an experience I had today with Donte’s Den. I found myself in a situation that required 4 large dogs that were placed together in 2 small crates in the back of a truck. The owners of the dogs were in a dire situation that could not properly care for the young dogs. I reached out to multiple organizations without success to finding safe placement for these beautiful animals. I called Donte’s Den just shortly before closing and they were full. Marsha Panuce heard my pleas and reached out to her Dog Trainer Sean and said they were ready to help. We were able to get these babies to a safe place and I am so appreciative that they opened their amazing sanctuary to helping these animals. I look forward to finding out about these dog’s growth and placement into loving homes. I never heard of Dante’s Den before today, but am looking forward to being apart of it for the future.

– M. Alex –

While watching TV I hear a woman’s voice speak Dante’s Den. So I paid attention to what the organization is about. And OMG! I was in tears immediately upon hearing this woman’s matter of fact passion compassion and meticulous thoughtfulness for dogs. Wow!

– Cdbloco Zenfeet – 

Very caring. 

– Phyllis Camps – 

I volunteer there it’s a great place to leave your dog!!!!

– Destiny Dean –

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